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Default my love is dead

the purple crayon drew my dreams last night
you and that other
laying in a bed
and you toss the blanket over and I hear giggling
and then my purple crayon draws my pain
and I burst into the room and unleash my fury
pumping 50 rounds into your cheating body
and then all thats left is that whore who took you from me
and its really not a pretty site
your distorted figure hanging lop sided on the bed, and that bitch screaming for mercy
so what
you want my pain
you could never feel it bitch
I don't shoot you though
oh no
you deserve life
as did my love
but its over now
I had to end my hunger
and you
you get the best part
do you like what you have done
you have caused me to end my lovers life
and its all because you couldnt keep that fucking thing in your pants down
we shared somthing great you know
and now you share the guilt of two deaths on your accord
I turn the gun on myslef and pull the trigger
only god knows what the poor bastard was feeling
hopfullly he raced over to the gun and shot himself too
but hey
I cant be sure
then my purple crayon started drawing people
one of them was named love
and another hate
and they were allways fighting
and one day
hate killed love
and I guess thats why I feel this was
my love is dead

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