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Am I desperate, or am i just stupid?

Gawd I just cant even make myslef talk to girls I like anymore.
I tried to get to know this one girl better, but she is waaaay too involved in her classwork, and I respect that, in fact thats what I like about her. But since she is so involved, she doesnt really even show interest in guys at all.

SO then theres this girl that Ive known for years, she rides my bus, and definetly takes interest in being my friend. But I (feebly) tried to flirt with her, and I dont think she even noticed. Then I cant even get the guts to ask her to hang out, not even when we get off the bus(she lives two houses down from me) and theres no one else around.

Then I start making excuses in my head for it like "it wouldnt work out anyway", and "I dont have time for that". But I know Im afriad of rejection. Im afriad that she doesnt even have the slightest interest in being more than just ftriends with me.

And I go through this battle and denial every time I get a "crush".

Am I desperate. or just stupid?
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