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Originally Posted by Just_a_kid View Post
okay, so if it doesnt hurt when i urinate then i still dont understand why it hurts for a little while after I orgasm. Cuz ive seen porn before and they just keep going. :/

OK, I've followed along here and think I understand.

The sensation you're referring to after orgasm sounds pretty normal. It's not actual 'pain' which is the body's signal that it's damaged or injured (or infected). After orgasm, there's a hypersensitivity to touch and stimulation, which is experienced as 'uncomfortable', like a burning/tingly feeling esp. at or near the head of the penis. This is the body's signal to you to stop, that the act is complete. Biologically, by creating a sensation which results in your stopping, it better insures that the semen you've just expelled (in a vagina during sex for procreation) stays in there and doesnt get 'rubbed out'.

If you're talking about THAT sensation, the tingly, burning feeling after orgasm, it's normal, and there's not much to do. It will last thru the 'refractory period', that time between erections when you're 'resting' and cannot get an erection, and might be more intense the more orgasms you have oin a single session.

Lotions, lubes, grips or techniques will not change this, it is a biological function.
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