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but he said he maybe would tell me that nite but he never did
now he said hes gonna tell me this week...but i dunno....
That is him playing you sweetie! He is saying things that he has no intention of actually doing but they will guarantee that you will wait around to find out if he does them...

Originally Posted by PinkLink101
now i dunno what hes thinkin...n i dont think he will tell me...maybe i should just ask him out...

but if he says no should i still really like him or what???
I think unless you want to carry on following this guy around, waiting for an answer for a very long time, then you need to act.
If its closure you are looking for, give him one more chance, ask him out, tell him you want him to decide and if he doesnt then thats it! You dont want him. Yes i know that is waay more difficult than it sounds but thats the impression you need to give him. Itll take time but thats what friends and tubs of Ben and Jerrys ice cream are made for
However, if you think you can move on without giving him one last chance (and i wouldnt blame you one bit as he seems to have had chance after chance) then just move on. Make sure he knows that he had his chances and that youve had enough of his games. Like i said before, i didnt say it would be easy but you could focus your energy on school work, hobbies and friends.

He has shown you that he has no intentions of following through with the actions he says he will. And i hardly blame him. From the sounds of things he is in a very good position at the moment. He has a great girl wrapped around his finger while he chases after a couple of other girls seeing if he has a chance with them, if not, well he still has the one wrapped around his finger to fall back on...
Do you see that?
If he really liked you then he would have made his move already. I know that probably isnt what you want to hear but i think you just need to realise that. Just because there isnt anyone you like right this minute doesnt mean you should settle for someone who treats you like youre second best. You dont deserve that and youll just end up hurt in the long-run.
The fact he is trying to get with some other girl before he commits himself to you suggests that he will probably do the same when he is in the relationship. If he really liked you, then he would see you as the best therefore wouldnt try to look for anyone else.
Im not saying there could never be anything between the two of you, who knows what the future holds! But right now, he obviously doesnt see you as number one, which is what you are!
Im sorry if ive got this wrong but like ive said before, we only know as much as you tell us in your posts. This is purely just my opinion so its entirely up to you what you choose to do.

I really do hope you manage to move on from this soon and i hope that you realise you are worth far more than how this guy is treating you...


Edit: wow, im sorry for another long-ass post ive had far too much cafffeine tonight and this is its only release hahaha! *starts jumping around the room and climbing the walls*
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