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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

If you've seen the movies "Shrooms" then you'll get this; ok, me and my friend were watching Shrooms, and it was our first time watching it, and we were doing an MST3K thing, we're we make fun of bad movies, anyway, this is what it was.
*5 teens drive in a van into the woods*
My friend-"Ya know, I think they have a dog"
Me-"They have a dog?"
*Teens van hits an animal*
My friend-"Uh, HAD a dog..."
*One teen is talking to her friend, who's name is Pluto*
Me-"Pluto? Looks like they already replaced Scooby..."
It's not funny explained, or planed, really, so if you don't think it's funny, then whatever
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