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Originally Posted by serial-thrilla
its not addictive
yes it is
Yes. Long-term marijuana use can lead to addiction in some people. That is, they cannot control their urges to seek out and use marijuana, even though it negatively affects their family relationships, school performance, and recreational activities (9). According to one study, marijuana use by teenagers who have prior antisocial problems can quickly lead to addiction (3). In addition, some frequent, heavy marijuana users develop “tolerance” to its effects. This means they need larger and larger amounts of marijuana to get the same desired effects as they used to get from smaller amounts.
and yes it imapirs your motor functions a bit but nowhere near as much as alcohal so as long as booze is legal i think weed should be too seeing how its much less harmful.
a bit, but it does.
it is as bad as alcholMarijuana has serious harmful effects on the skills required to drive safely: alertness, concentration, coordination, and reaction time. Marijuana use can make it difficult to judge distances and react to signals and sounds on the road.

Marijuana may play a role in car accidents. In one study conducted in Memphis, TN, researchers found that, of 150 reckless drivers who were tested for drugs at the arrest scene, 33 percent tested positive for marijuana, and 12 percent tested positive for both marijuana and cocaine (1). Data have also shown that while smoking marijuana, people show the same lack of coordination on standard "drunk driver" tests as do people who have had too much to drink ().

i would never get in a car with someone who is drunk but i would with someone who had just smoked.
Well, thats your funeral

And do not right any off this off just because it is from a government website. It is still factual information, and is the same exact thing as if you were to use a pro weed site
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