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Originally Posted by Just_a_kid View Post
yeah, pontiacdriver. I do use lube, i use lotion. I used a loose grip. Idk wut the problem is, maybe i do have a minor urinary traction. Although, I did ejaculate this liquid that was clear and i dont think it was urine.
My thinking is that what you ejaculated was pre-cum, which is the fluid that lubricate the urethra prior to an ejaculation. Keep in mind that urine is toxic to sperm, and the body needs to lubricate the urethra so as to protect sperm. If you have not ejaculated before, then pre-cum is a sign that your first ejaculation is coming up.

As for your pain, you have nothing to loose to be screened for a urinary tract infection. Simply tell your parents that you have pain when you urinate, and they really should not make a big deal of it. After all, women get urinary tract infections from time to time, and your Mother would be the most understanding of your issue. When you go to the doctor's office all that will happen is the doctor asking you when your pain started and what your symptoms are. Your doctor will not ask if you masturbate, and your doctor will not judge you. As a result, don't be afraid if you get a boner during an exam, but I doubt that will happen as nothing is a bigger turn off than rubber exam gloves and antiseptic spray which is commonly used in medical offices. You will be asked to go to the washroom and urinate into a specimen container. From there the doctor or his/her assistant will do a dipstick test to see if you have any bacteria present. It is a totally painless process. In worst case scenario you will have to be on medication for about a week, and things should clear up. In the short-term you might want to drink some cranberry juice as that alleviates, but does NOT cure, symptoms of a urinary tract infection.

I hope that things get better, and let us know how things turn out.
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