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Originally Posted by redcar
Originally Posted by nwshc
What does the UN know? They are powerless, and useless.
they are an organisation to help protect the common good, if you remember your history they were set up to prevent another world war. so if all memeber countries tried to resolve their differences through it things will be fine.
Yes, I know all of that.

Originally Posted by nwshc
wshc"]They would also be damn proud of their son for fighting for their county.
over 2 1/2 years, 2000 casualties is a good number.
no they are not casualties they are fatalities. casualities are completly different. proud? whether they are proud or not is beside the point i am trying to tell you that being blase like you are about death is not a nice thing, if someone verty close to you died there i am sure you wouldnt be so blase.[/quote]
Death is life. Whether you die now or in 20 years, you still die. If Someone in my family died, sure I would be sad, but I would realize, thats just the way it is.
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