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omg, its not addictive. It really isnt. people who do it in excess arent hooked, they won't go threw withdraw, they may miss the feeling, but they won't trip out. alcohol, and ciggerettes, and even 80% of all medicine is addictive. But millions, heck, even billions of people use those prodocts. How many of us have ever taken somthing to help us sleep, or cleared up our nose with a spray, chances are that that medicine was addictive. you would have to smoke 40000 times the amount of pot, that would get you stoned to overdose. as apposed to lik 10 asprain killing you, its not bad. you drink 10 beers you are bound to pass out and drown in your own vomit. You smoke 10 joints, you fall asleep. And it helps people defet cancer. why not use it for them. The only way for some people to fight back against cancer is to use kemo therapy. And kemos cause you to get sick, vomit, not be able to hold down food, not have an appitite, and not sleep well. pot will litteraly force you to eat, won't allow you to vomit, won't allow you to feel sick, and will make you very sleepy. It can make people stronger and more able to fight cancer. Also the plant, hemp, can be used to make 1000's of products, cheper, and stronger then others. So why is it illegal? Because concervitives are worried that the people will become lazy. look at jamaca. its become one of the richest, most laid back, happy countires in the world. And we don't rag on them for legalizing maray jane. Shit they legalized it becuase bob marley sang a fucking song about it. so whats the problem with you people. Don't look at it as a drug. look at it as just another substance. yes some will abuse it, but the benifits outway the bad on this one. I had to watch family members suffer and die of cancer, and if anything could have helped them, I would have given them it.

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