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[email protected]: monday you can fall apart
tuesday wednesday break my heart
thursday doesn't even start
it's friday i'm in love

prettylittlerobot: wtf

[email protected]: exactly

prettylittlerobot: that was completely and totally random

[email protected]: really?

prettylittlerobot: yes

[email protected]: SCORE!!!

prettylittlerobot: why did you put that on here

[email protected]: no clue

prettylittlerobot: oh i thought it was something involving my little status thing heh

[email protected]: nope...just heard that song and...decided to put it on here

prettylittlerobot: oh

prettylittlerobot: i keep listening to the song that's my status over and over cuz of the next song

[email protected]: lol...whats the next song?

prettylittlerobot: i'm lost without you by blink 182

[email protected]: lol...hmmmm....

prettylittlerobot: it's my little sad rabbit list lol

prettylittlerobot: it's been on it for the past couple of days

[email protected]: youre sad rabbit list?

prettylittlerobot: yes

[email protected]: sorry

prettylittlerobot: why are you sorry

[email protected]: cause i know i have something to do with it

prettylittlerobot: maybe a little today but the other days no..

[email protected]: ok

prettylittlerobot: don't worry about it

[email protected]: too late

prettylittlerobot: why do you worry about stuff like that?

[email protected]: cause i caused you to be sad

prettylittlerobot: oh well right?

[email protected]: no....people being sad is bad...esecially if its
my fault

prettylittlerobot: i'm used to being hurt by people... don't worry about it

[email protected]: I DIDNT DO IT ON PURPOSE!!!!

prettylittlerobot: i know... i set myself up for it... again

[email protected]: ....grrrr...and not a damn thing i can do

prettylittlerobot: why do you wanna do something about it?

[email protected]: cause its my fault

prettylittlerobot: don't worry about me..

[email protected]: too...late

prettylittlerobot: why do you worry so much about me? i'm just here... i
get by... it comes back to haunt every once and a while but yeah...

[email protected]: .....i dont care... i dont like to think im
causing anybody distress...and youre im ....uhh...upset

prettylittlerobot: only because you're my ex bf.. if you weren't you would just blow me off like the rest and tell me i'm too emotional and i should grow up

[email protected]: bull never knew me before we were going out...thats why i kept saying no at didnt know me....and obviously you dont know me....i dont like ANYBODY to be mad..or sad..or upset...i do what i can to try and make it better...

lil' ashes
i don't need pills
when i have a drug like you.

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