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I have only masturbated, never had sex before because im too afraid to get her pregnant. a friend says that a blow job is safe but better than a masturbating. I acted like i knew what blow job was but i dont, anybody know?
Firstly, a blow job is a pejoritive term for oral sex. Oral sex on a guy involves someone sucking on his penis so that he can achieve an orgasm.

Secondly, it is a misconception that a blow job is any safer than sex as STDs can still be transmitted through blow jobs. The reality is that STDs can exist in one's mouth and throat just as those same bacteria and viruses can be present in one's genitals. It is for that reason why it is absolutely critical that before you are sexually active with anyone, even if it is limited to blow jobs, that you make sure that they are clean of STDs.

Thirdly, your friend is right that a blow job does feel a lot better than masturbating, but I would not have a girl perform a blow job unless she is totally comfortable with it. Keep in mind that the person on the receiving end of the blow job has to not only do all the hard work but also have to sometimes deal with the mess. If you do have someone do a blow job on you, then make sure you are clean down there and try to eat some foods like pineapples and avoid foods with a lot of protein, such as steaks, so that your semen will not taste bad when your partner comes into contact with it. Also, feedback is important with a blow job, and make sure that you are all right with your partner spitting out your semen if she does not want to swallow it. Keep in mind that if you have someone perform a blow job on you, then that person may expect you to do something for them in return. I am guessing you might be too young to do a blow job if you don't even know what one is, and you probably best holding off for a while until you are a bit older as your hand is your safest bet for now.

Finally, when you eventually become sexually active, then make sure you have condoms and that your partner is on birth control. Birth control taken correctly is your best protection against pregnancy, and condoms provide an additional barrier along with protection against fluid borne STDs. Keep in mind that condoms do not protect against skin-to-skin STDs which is why you need to make sure your partner is clean before doing anything sexual.

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