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Default I cant go full screen

ok i know some one had a similar post about this, computer's fan shut off it over heated but some reason didnt shut off like it was supposed to everything kind of melted i am now using my uncles lap top.......he gave it to me and said its good for everything but rpgs, when i would load one up eventually there would be multiple lines in the screen and it would lock up.........well ok life goes on, but then one day the monitor just shut off, so i restarted it and when i did the whole thing was a bunch of lines (that still happens somtimes i have to go to settings to reset it.....) but i cant do ANYTHING full screen now, no 2d games, no music videos nothing!......i have no clue what is up with it, im not "great" with computers, thats all my brother he goes to devry ......but yeah any one know what the hell is up?

PS. When i try to load up full screen things it doesnt use the same excuse, it usually says "Could run video w/e"......i would give you quoted but i kinda went on an uninstall spree?

<3 Katie
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