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Originally Posted by koler
When I was 12 and my brother was 14, his friend came over and my mom overheard them talking about a porno and so that day she hearded us in the living room and told us that masturbation was ok as long as we did it in privacy and in our own space and she said that we would be going threw changes and that we could go to puberty 101 If we were worried about anything. It was disturbing but I guess it was a nessessary question.
it should always be things like that.......but look at the puberty forums....parents should have gave their kids a way to know all this stuff....well at least in school does most the teaching i guess, but i always have bad expeirences with that........when i was in third grade there was this bus thing that we went on that tought us about the human body and how it will grow and all that, but it ended up they attempted to rape a girl......then when i was in 6th grade my health teacher was a pedophile, he would look down the girls shirts the whole period.......but BACK TO THE POINT lol, there should be more awkward momments like that.....i guess it would not be as awkward if it were son/father and mother/daughter.......but eh i dont know....i think they should have tought more

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