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Default I almost...

Today I was talking with Andy and Austin. Well, Andy and I had the same P.E. as Richard today. It was ok at first. We kept talking to him and they split us off into teams and whatnot. Andy was with Richard and I was with Austin. Both of our teams went out there at the same time and I was with Andy and I slowly said "I may break up with Richard." She was standing there like :o and she thought she would tell him. Austin told me to go ask coach if I could get a drink so I went. On the way there I passed Richard and he was like "What's wrong?" and I whispered "I am thinking about breaking up with you." then went and got my drink then came back in the gym. He looked at me and asked why and I told him I would explain later. Well, we got dismissed from the other gym to go back to the pit and Richard waited on me for once. I was in tears and I'm like "...I can't break up with you. I love you." and hugged him. We walked back together and we got dressed in and I was there walking with him since it was the end of the day and I was like "Are we ok?" and he was like "Yes." So we kept walking and I told him why I was about to break up with him then we got outside and Eric and Nyssa were out there so we were standing there and I had to leave to go with Sara and he hugged me and kissed me... all I managed to say was "I love you" and he said it back and I don't know. Bad thing is, I think I may have scared him when I told him I was thinking that. Hell, Andy even told him why I was going to. *sigh* I had to say it somewhere.

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