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Name: Cassie
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I went to a dance w/ my friend Kerry. Chris was there i danced w/ him twice....haha....but he said he maybe would tell me that nite but he never did now he said hes gonna tell me this week...but i dunno....

Today we had to listen to to guy talk at school for like 2 hours. I sat next to chris he didnt care.....
Then in the hallway on the was back to homeroom this 1 kid named PJ was talkin to chris...i couldnt hear wat they said but then chris said PJ UR JUST JEALOUS CAUSE CASSIE LIKES ME AND NOT U, GO ASK HER SHE was funny!

my frined Rocky (hes friends w/ chris 2) thinks chris cant decide between me n sarah....but my other frined abbi thinks chris likes i have no clue wat chris is thinkin
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