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Default a little help please?

Well I do stocking at my work so of course they give us a box cutter. Well I just turned the razor blade around in mine cause it was dull and I didnt realize how dull it was before cause it was just slicing through stuff after I turned it around and right after I opened a box, for no reason at all, I sliced my forearm twice and then I sliced my hand twice like between my thumb and index finger...and I was like..why..did I do that? and then I went and covered it up cause it was bleeding like crazy and then once I got off work I went into the bathroom and I was in there and had to take my box cutter out of my pocket and I was lookin at it and I just started slicing my leg...there's like 9 or 10 cuts all in the same spot and it was just bleeding like nuts (not good to happen when you have on khaki pants) and then I sliced my leg again like a little above my knee. Then afterwards I was just like..shit why did I do that? and I had two of the big band aids on my hand cus the others in the first aid kit at work were too small so I took those off my hand and put them on my leg so that it wouldnt bleed through on my pants and just left my hand uncovered cus by then it wasn't bleeding anymore....anyway...I just keep wondering why the hell I did that..I mean it doesnt make sense..I just spaced out and I was I wonder what it would feel like to slice my skin for a few seconds I just wanted to watch myself bleed and then when I was finished I couldn't believe I did that cause I'm not the type of person to do something like that...I'm not unhappy at just kind of scared me and I was wondering if anyone else had ever done anything like that....?

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