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Default Re: my brother's penis size

Originally Posted by Saturn View Post
We need a life science teacher in here!
Well im not a science teacher but i did learn about genes in science olympiad. Ok....there are genes for everything(hair, eye color, nose, mouth, ears, fingers, and even penis size.) Now lets say the penis size gene is P. you dad and mom both have two genes to give for penis length(your fathers or your mothers father) they could have PP (homozygous dominant) Pp(Heterozygous dominant) or pp(homozygous recessive). Each of them can only give one of the genes. So if your father gives you a dominant P and your mother gives you a dominant P then you will have PP(homozygous dominant) and will have roughly the same size. However if you get a P(dominant) and a p(recessive) you will have Pp(heterozygous dominant) which means you will have roughly the same size penis as whoever gave the P(dominant). However if both your parents give you p(recessive) then you will have pp(homozygous recessive) which most likely will mean you will not have a penis like you fathers or mothers father.

Thats the best i can do as of now. If your confused please clearify what you would like answered and/or pm me.

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