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Thanks Lynne.
Ok, first, yes it is Richard that I am with right now. We've been fighting over alot of things since Dunagan got completely mad at us for being together in the first place. We both listened to Laura and got back together and now it's like anytime we are around eachother we're not talking or anything, ya know. For instance, Thursday, Eric wasn't at school so I was hanging out with Courtney, Andy, Samm and James and since Eric is Richard's little friend then Richard came up to me and tried to make me feel better cuz I had a bad morning. Friday, I was hanging out with Amanda and he came up to me when we went outside and he was standing there behind me hugging all over me and whatnot then he was like "I need to find something to do" and I'm like "Ok?" And he went off to go play hacky sack and yeah. It didn't bother me much and James was there for me to talk to. We had the same P.E. class and I have that class with Andy, Emerald, Austin, Samm and Adrienne. Well we mixed our classes and I was sitting there with Andy, Emerald, and Austin and he was over there with some chick and one of his friends. Well, I mentioned to Andy about how whenever we are around eachother we never act like it. Well, when we had to go back into "The Pit", Andy was like "Richard get over here" and I was like "Andy don't!" and she was like "You need to pay more attention to your girlfriend." Then I ran up to Emerald like almost in tears and Andy came up and told me what was going on. I'm used to waiting for him before eighth block on Friday so I left he Gym with Andy and Austin and we were standing there with James and Terrance and Richard came out when he left and then we were by the stairs and he was like "I gotta get to eighth block" and he usually walks me but this time he didn't. In eighth block I was crying cuz I was like so confused. Bethany told me that it was going to be ok and that she would come with me after eighth block. Well, he came up to me after eighth block and I told Bethany she could go on without me and I just stood there in front of him and he gave me a hug and was like "Are you mad at me?" and I usually lie to him and say "No" which I did again and he was like "Andy told me what was going on" and I practically fell down the stairs by that point. He was like "What's going on with us?" and I told him that it felt as if he was ignoring me and he was like "I'm sorry.. it's not my fault" and we walked outside and during English (eighth block) I changed my screen saver thing to where it said "Lovers and Liars" and I had his pic on there and I was like "Don't even go for my phone" and he went for it and I stole it back and changed it to Austin's pic and yeah. Anyways, he hugged me and we went off.

Anyways, enough with that. I don't know why I am always in need of a boyfriend. I guess it's because I feel so alone and I know for a fact there would be someone there.

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