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Is it Richard that you are with right now?

How are things going? Is it him you are having arguments with? (when you said you've been arguing alot)

Sorry for all the questions, you dont have to answer anything you dont want to of course.

Anyway, about your dream, there is no proof as to what our dreams mean so i guess its really up to us to decide.
Some psychologists believe its often a way our subconscious mind communicates with our conscious mind...if that makes sense.
For example in your dream someone else is telling you youre like a preppy girl...maybe you think youve changed and are mo
re like that, or maybe you're worried that that is the type of girl Richard likes...
Like i said though, its entirely up to you how you want to interpret your dream, if you believe its all a bunch of BS then who is to say its not? its your dream afterall, right?

Anyway, i do agree with Austin and I Live In Fear when they say you dont need a bf....however, i dont really think you should be focusing on that and worrying constantly about it...i think it might help more if you ask why you do it...
Why do you feel the need to have a constant bf? You dont have to answer it here if you dont want, as long as you ask yourself the question.
And after you find out why you do it, then i think that you need to be able to trust yourself to make that decision. You know what needs to be done but youre the only one who can do it
I know, its easy for us to look on and tell you, well we think you should do this and we think you should do that, but its a lot harder putting it all into practice...and its a whole lot harder actually trusting yourself when your trying to make a big decision.
But i know you can do it!

I know... I see his point... I do.
Ok i know you agreed with him not quite sure if you actually believe it...

But i just want to ask you a question...

When was the last time you did something because you wanted to and because you enjoyed it?
I dont mean something you wanted to do because it would make someone else happy...i mean something you did just because you wanted to?

You need to take some time out and sort out everything you need to so you can stand on your own two feet and so you dont feel the need to relie on anyone.

We're all here for you Ashley!

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