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Originally Posted by Just_a_kid View Post
well the thing is that my grip is VERY hard but that is what makes it pleasurable because if I have a limp grasp then nothing happens. But it only hurts right up until I get right after that orgasm and then it hurts to grasp my penis again for several minutes.

and its normal to like really want to masturbate at times and then at other moments just think its just the sickest thing on the planet right? Cuz like, Ill want to masturbate and end up having 4 orgasms in a row after the pain is gone and then at other times just be like *barf*, that disgusting.
I can see your point about wanting to have a strong grip, but the reality is that you have to loosen up somewhat as going at your penis too hard pretty much defeats the purpose of masturbating. Masturbating should go by smoothly, and a gentle, but firm grasp is what you need and not a hard grasp. The root of your pain seems to be in the way you are holding your penis, and my suggestion is that you lighten up a tad so that you won't have so much pain. Also, using lube such as cream or baby oil might help make up for the lack of strong grasp. Experiment with different techniques, and try not to hold your penis so tightly because the urethra is fundamentally pretty delicate, and you don't want to choke it. When you eventually start ejaculating having too tight of a grip is going to make things somewhat painful which is why you should learn now on how to enjoy masturbating with a looser grip. Remember, has plenty of tips.

Your feelings about masturbating is totally normal, and most of us are like you. When one is really aroused masturbating seems like the greatest thing, but when one returns to "Earth," then a question can go through one's mind about why one masturbated in the first place? In short, with hormones at full blast within you it is not unusual for you to like to masturbate, and with your having dry orgasms it is not uncommon for folks like you to masturbate multiple times. When my orgasms were dry I used to masturbate multiple times, but once I started getting wet orgasms, then that really reduced masturbation frequency.

As a rule of thumb, as long as masturbating doesn't interfere with your usual routines or life, then doing it is fine. The only time you should be concerned is if you are putting off other things to masturbate.

Basically, you are normal, and you have nothing about which to worry.
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