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Default Weird dream... do you think maybe this will happen? (scared)

Last night I had a very strange dream...
I was like talking to Andy and Austin and Richard was with me then Richard left cuz Matt started talking to me. Well, after a while I saw Richard with another girl and I was like "WTF?!" Then I had Matt go up to him and ask him if me and him were still together. Matt came back and said no and of course, I didn't believe him so I went over there and asked him and he was like "No, I'm with her now" and pointed over at some preppy looking chick. So I walked off and he came up behind me and was like "Are you ok?" and I was like "Go be with your fuckin' preppy ass girlfriend over there!" and he comes up to me and like he had his hands on my shoulders and was practically squeezing me to death and saying "She's just like you so shut the fuck up" then he walked off.
That was when I woke up. And my arms still hurt from that.

We have been fighting alot lately. I've said some things to Andy that have gotten back to them and I don't know. I'm scared. Really scared. The last time he talked to me it was all good and stuff but I don't know. I think that maybe that dream is some sort of sign that I need to be treating him better ... even though I already treat him like a king ... anything you can help me with?

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