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Originally Posted by Just_a_kid View Post
okay, listen. It does not hurt when I urinate. Only after I take a shower and use soap which I already know is why it hurts then. But why does it hurt when I masturbate and get to the point when Im SUPPOSED to ejaculate, but dont just get left with a great orgasm which leads to great pain in my urethra
In light of your clarification, then my best guess is that the grip or method you are using must be the root of your problem. I was confused as I thought that your problem happened when your urinated, or you had masturbated right after showering. You should visit, which is a safe website, and you can experiment with the various techniques listed on it. Perhaps you are too rough with your grip as you might be squeezing your penis too hard thus causing your discomfort. You are probably still new to masturbating, and it is going to take time to get things right. You might want to use some lube like Hitman suggested above as that might make a difference in your situation as you probably have too much friction.

I hope that my answer addressed your issue, and let us know if you are still having problems.
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