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Originally Posted by Just_a_kid View Post
I dont masturbate with soap. So still, I dont understand why it hurts when I masturbate
My only guess at this point is that when you shower you might accidentally get some soap into your urethra when you clean around your penis. As a result of some soap getting into your urethra some stinging happens when you urinate after a shower.

Then there could be a chance you have a urinary tract infection. My strong suggestion is to tell your parents that you have pain when you urinate, and you will need to go to the doctor. A urinalysis is quick and painless, and there is no shame in your problem, if you have one.

Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
well you could use vaseline for both in the shower and normal masturbation, you could use some baby oil in the shower. don't use soap (liquid or barred) as a lube though as once it hits the urethra it starts to sting.
I totally agree with this post, and the two items listed are the best as they don't dissolve immediately in water unlike cream.
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