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Originally Posted by redsoxboy View Post
Ok well I am 13 and I was masturbating in the shower last night. I took a bar of soap on my hands for lubrication. It felt really good, but when I got out, the part under my head of my penis, the glans I think, were bleeding a little bit. This hurt like crazy all night, and it is in the morning and it still hurts to masturbate today. Is this normal? Please help! How can I soothe the pain? Thanks in advance for all of your help!
Firstly, using soap as a lubricant is not a good idea as it will cause burning in your urethra as well as dry out your skin. If you masturbate only in the shower, then use things like cream or baby oil as a lube as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and body washes are all going to cause irritation down there and not provide adequete smoothness (out of a lack of a better word).

As for your bleeding, my thinking is that you went too rough when you masturbated thus causing a small cut. Just go a lot more gentle on yourself next time, and don't push yourself too hard when your masturbate. As for what you can do now, I would not masturbate for a couple of days, and your wound should heal on its own. Just keep the area clean, and you can always apply Neosporin, or its generic equivalent, on the wound.

Originally Posted by Just_a_kid View Post
The pain is internal, and it hurts when I pee but only after I go to the bathroom RIGHT after I shower and clean it with some soap, how do you get rid of urinary tract infections? cuz it has always hurt after Ive taken a shower doing that.
My thinking is that if it hurts to pee after you clean your penis with soap, then you must have gotten some soap in your urethra causing your irritation. Soap getting into your urethra does cause a burning sensation, and you should never use soap as lube if you masturbate in the shower. While you certainly must use soap on your genitals to keep them clean just don't use soap, body washes, shampoos, and conditioners as lubes. Use something like cream, vaseline, or baby oil as lubes if you cannot actually buy real lube like AstroGlide or KY. I do not think that you have a urinary tract infection due to your irritation happening only after your shower when you interact with soap. If your pain happens everytime you urinate, then you have cause for concern.

The only way to get rid of a urinary tract infection is through antibiotics, and if you ever have troubles urinating, then it is critical that you seek medical attention. Basically, you have to urinate in a cup, and the doctor does a dipstick test to ascertain if there is bacteria in your system. In most cases a urinary tract infection will clear up within a week with the right medication.

Again, I don't think you have a urinary tract infection, and you should try masturbating without soap, if you do use it as a lube, to see if your problem persists.
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