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Originally Posted by DaTrooper00 View Post
God wanted people to figure out everything and not just tell them, there would no fun in that would there? People like you Canadian man wouldnt be able to figure things out when their able to lots and lots of research on a subject. but thats my opion you have no need to believe if you dont.
That's a very good cop-out. You have no proof at all that God exists... and can't even come to a consensus amongst YOURSELFS (believers) about what the "definition" of God really is! If you guys claim God to be so amazing and all-powerful and UN-KNOWABLE because he trancends space and time... how can you EVER claim to know what GOD was thinking? You can't "speak" for God... if he DOES exist than its pretty arrogant of you to talk like you KNOW what his plans were. Care to tell us the meaning of life as well?
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