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Originally Posted by Sugar and Spice View Post
Philosophers, scientists and mathematicians also believed the world to be flat and that the Sun revolved around the Earth or moved across the sky. There are even stone carvings depicting these. They didn't know that it wasn't and had no way of proving otherwise. Yet, I don't see anyone discrediting them as much as they do the Bible, for exactly the same belief.
The point is; biblical literalists think that you must take EVERYTHING in the Bible... literally.

Now... for those who believe it is the word of God... why wouldn't god tell people the REAL facts. I mean... if the bible itself talked about relativity, atoms, and germs causing disease... I'd be MUCH more convinced that it was "divinely" inspired.

And also; NO. Not ALL people though the earth was flat 2,000 years ago, or at least in the several hundred years that the bible itself was being "proof written" and mish-mashed together. People like the Greeks knew that the earth was round; and THEY were making discoveries like these several hundred years BEFORE Jesus.

Makes you wonder; if the bible is full of factual and historical errors, what makes any of its "stories" true. Which is my position; they're nothing but stories that have gotten progressively more embellished with age. Just like catching a small fish one summer... and each time you tell the story the fish gets 5 feet bigger
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