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Originally Posted by Vindication View Post
^^ and how much of that is literal? ha. We sitll use those words today. "I will chase you to the far corners of this world." Does it mean the world has corners? noooooo
We use those words today as a FIGURE OF SPEECH.

2,000 years ago... they used those words as DESCRIPTION.

They really thought the earth was flat... and since it was JUST men that wrote the bible (sorry again with the no "godly influence" but yeah) and they knew nothing about the earth being a sphere.

Besides which, none of this accounts for the rest which said that the earth was UNMOVEABLE, and that the SUN moved across the sky; etc.

^^^ You said nothing of the firmament either, or the 3 heavens.

How do YOU reconcile the Bible with modern cosmology that CLEARLY shows there is no such thing as a FIRMAMENT or 3rd heaven etc.

Again; the firmament (ocean above the sky) of water that "caused noah's flood" obviously does not exist. Never existed. Never WILL exist... impossible due to... THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.

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