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Originally Posted by Walking Disaster View Post
One question that really has been on my mind...and other opinions.

First off, why do members of one faith criticize members of another? How can we know for sure that our faith is right?

I think that every major religion in the world holds a piece of the truth. If they all started acting in the manner they say they should, then maybe we could find the real truth.

Personally...I believe in a higher entity. Right now that idea is with belief in God. However, I don't label myself 'Christian' because I don't agree with some of the Christian beliefs. I agree with the beliefs of the Baptist denomination the most, though. I was raised Baptist. My mother was raised Catholic but at 17 broke away, my dad was raised Baptist.

I don't believe in the traditional fire and brimstone hell, though. I believe that if you die and your not worthy of God and the light, your soul stays here on Earth.

When it comes to the Islam world's anger at the Pope's statements, here's what I have to say:

1) The Pope quoted the writing that stated the Islam is violent and evil.
2) The Islam responds how? By violence!


What do you believe and why do you believe it?
I have answers to a few of those questions.

You ask why some religions put down another because no one can know their faith is right.

This statement is wrong. Christians believe they can prove the existence of god, simply by saying it's "faith" Satanists can prove their faith because there is nothing in that religion that can't be proved, unless your Theistic satanist, and in that case you're probably just rebeling against Christianity, which is by all means pointless. Luciferians have the same case, they 'can't' be wrong because they believe in nothing that can't be proved. People of paganism belief - Left hand or Right hand faiths usually can justify what they say against Christianity because that's where a lot of them come from, they realized the flaws in the religion, and were intelligent enough to realize that they shouldn't be held back by a ever-loving yet ever-limiting "God". Most of them searched out other religions and studied them, the ones who did this can put up intelligent debates against Christianity by using logic, anyone who isn't a devout Christian can understand these debates. The Devout Christians try to block out what they say by claiming they haven't read the bible right - Or misinterpreted it. Or even that they are just idiots or stupid and just insult them.

Anyone who isn't biased by Christianity can easily see what is "wrong" with Christianity.

Please understand this isn't a hate post against Christians, all of my friends are Christians and I love them all the same. Devout Christians are the problem the ones who seek to convert you to a religion you don't want to be in, the ones that hate you because you're not Christian, the ones that wont talk to you because you're not Christian and they think they might go to "Hell" if they do. Those are who I speak of.

I am Luciferian, I have been studying other religions since the age of ten. I was raised baptist and I went to church weekly until I turned 13 when I finally figured I knew enough to give a valid argument to the church for why I would no long be coming. I am by no means a reliable source on the subject, but I do think I have learned enough in my time to make this post valid. Thank you for listening.


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