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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

there was this lawyer in a airplane he sat down then saw this mexican and then he thought i can make a ten bucks easy so he goes to the mexican then he says hey do you want to play a game the mexican says yes the lawyer explain the game the game he said we both ask a question and if i say a question and you don't know then you give me 5 dollars and if i don't know your question then the lawyer say he will give the mexican 500 dollars, so when the game starts and the lawyer says what is the last planet in the solar system and the mexican says i don't know then the mexican gives the man 5 dollars , the mexican starts and says what has three legs when it climbs a mountain and gets four legs coming back , so the lawyer looks in his computer and he find nothing and gives the mexican 500 dollars, the lawyer was confused and says what was it then the mexican gives the lawyer 5 dollars

"When Life gives you lemons make grape juice then sit down and let the world wonder how you did it" [/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]
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