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Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
I really like this thread..

well the universe'll probably collapse in about 10 trillion years, then another big bang'll start off.

Not really; the universe is relatively young in the state that it's in now. With only 13.7 billion years from the starting line, it's gonna be a much longer time until it reaches the "end". It will take so much time to even get CLOSE to the heat-death that our units of time don't really matter by that time.

That, and we're not sure another Big Bang will start off; the big crunch theory is kinda losing its ground in the light of new data. The most likely fate of the universe is that it will just keep expanding and eventually die when the entire space reaches absolute zero temperature, all reactions stop, and everything pretty much ceases to exist except for particles smaller than atoms, such as quarks, photon rays, etc.

Here's an EXCELLENT series that will tell you how the universe ends!

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