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Originally Posted by Just_a_kid View Post
Ive had orgasms and it feels great until the very end when I suppose Im supposed to cum because inside of it, it gets really dry and it hurts. Ive never ejaculated before, but after it hurts I cant masturbate for another ten minutes. Is something wrong with the hurting?
Usually you should not be hurting when you orgasm, and having dry orgasms should not be causing your pain. Is your pain internal or external with regards to your penis? If your pain is external, then there is a chance you are rubbing yourself raw, and you should use lube especially if you are cut. If your pain is internal, then do you have pain when you urinate, too? If you have pain urinating, then there could be a chance you have a urinary tract infection which is not uncommon for guys.

Basically, can you orgasm when your masturbate, or does the pain prevent you from getting an orgasm?
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