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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
Actually you'll be "just dead" for much longer than 10 trillion years. Try an eternity. Hey; its better than hell, and its DEFINITELY better than having to be in heaven with all the fundamentalists!

Think about it; people are so lazy, they can't wait for the 20 MINUTES of worship each sunday to end. Try having to praise god NON-STOP FOREVER. I'd rather be in hell

But if you use this "anglican" label as just a scapegoat... you know, like a last-ditch effort to save your own ass from hell... wouldn't god (if he actually existed) send you to hell anyway? Since you barely even believe it, and are just using it as a hell-insurance policy, you know?

Hey, when people talk about the "afterlife" I say that I'm "all for it". I mean who wouldn't want to live or have something more after this life. I sure WISH it was like that, but I KNOW that it really isn't. Unlike you (not meaning to single you out) and many other theists, I am MORE concerned with what is actually TRUE, over what is just emotionally comforting with no basis in reality (heaven).
I really like this thread..

well the universe'll probably collapse in about 10 trillion years, then another big bang'll start off.

we're not lazy. we just like to sleep in. i get about 3 hours of sleep each weeknight, i do nothing but exist. i have nearly no life. by the time friday hits im so tired i just fall asleep for 14 hours. if it wasn't for weekends, i'd probably be dead. so i don't bother to go to church. (oh, and there is no church in my town, forgot to mention that). im not using anglicanism as a scapegoat, i just like being in a religion. i don't believe it, but i don't not believe it. im slightly agnostic, but im not using the anglicanism as a way to escape hell. and the afterlife thing, who wouldn't want to live in a better world then this?; but yes, the reality is that we all perish and nothing happens afterwards.

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