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Default Wake up

I know it's silly and bad but I felt like typing so just....*runs and hides* lol

Drip drip drip..what's that sound?
there's stains on the walls and all around.
Are they black? or are they white?
You can never tell with K-9 sight.
They're coming in! They're taking you out!
Wake up! please! hurry! now!
What about you're sister?
She's always been there!
Aren't you gonna miss her?
Don't you think she'll care?
Oh and how about katie?
You promised her you'd call...
Don't you think she's waiting?
Don't you care at all?
A lot of cars are driving up
with your family inside
I bet they're trying to wake you up
I hope they know I tried.
They're talking loud, and crying
I guess you won't wake up.
They're saying the word "dying"
but I don't know that one.
Now they're saying other things
that I can't comprehend.
So I'll just sit here wondering
waiting for translation.
Maybe you can help me,
so I won't wonder why
I need help with a word, please.
What is "suicide"?

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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