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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
The universe DOES NOT require a creator, or was even created. The most plausible explanation we have at this time with our current scientific knowledge is that the universe ALWAYS EXISTED.

I'm sure you guys know the deal that energy and matter can not be created or destroyed. That means that BOTH energy and matter are eternal; thus they always have existed before "time" was even a factor.

Time itself is just a human invention for organizing our lives. Time as an actual "thing" doesn't even exist. We just "use it" as an easier way to describe change, such as the change of state (i.e. matter into energy and vice versa).

So there you have it; the universe has ALWAYS existed. So of course it was not "created".

Ta daaa... magic.
I guess that you're right. As you said, if neither matter nor energy can be destroyed nor created, only converted between the two states(like in nuclear reactions), then there is no identifiable starting point for their existence-- to our knowledge.

I don't even remember where I heard about this "Unmoved Mover" in the first place. The whole idea of an object requiring the action of an outside force to get itself moving is complete and utter garbage at such a universal level, as I have known for a while now.

That is one thing I have never been able to decide upon: Does it make more sense for the universe to be eternal, or to have been created?

I think that there's not enough of a reason to accept that it is eternal. Our own (potential)ignorance isn't enough to make it's perpetuality more likely.

There is also not nearly enough reason to believe it was created. We have no evidence that there was a time before the universe, so to our knowledge, this supposed time is merely fantasy.

Either way, it doesn't matter. If the universe is in reality eternal, then we will never be able to answer this question. If it can be traced to a starting point, then the question of how it came into existence needs to be answered, followed by the question of how what caused its creation came into existence, and how that came into existence.... concievably forever, right?

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