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Originally Posted by Curthose93 View Post

Aynway, I am an atheist. Although the universe obviously had to start somewhere (the unmoved mover, I think it's called), the religious assertions that this mover was an intelligent force, and even more that it is still 'in operation' today are wild 'leaps of faith' with no base in reality. They make no sense, so they are nonsense.
I agree with the second half; assertations that make no rational sense.... are nonsensical. Plain and simple. HOWEVER I must shed some light on the "unmoved mover" argument as it were.

The universe DOES NOT require a creator, or was even created. The most plausible explanation we have at this time with our current scientific knowledge is that the universe ALWAYS EXISTED.

I'm sure you guys know the deal that energy and matter can not be created or destroyed. That means that BOTH energy and matter are eternal; thus they always have existed before "time" was even a factor.

Time itself is just a human invention for organizing our lives. Time as an actual "thing" doesn't even exist. We just "use it" as an easier way to describe change, such as the change of state (i.e. matter into energy and vice versa).

So there you have it; the universe has ALWAYS existed. So of course it was not "created".

Ta daaa... magic.
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