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Originally Posted by thePianoMan View Post
I don't see why people care so damn much about what other people believe.
With all you've said, I'm really baffled that you still label yourself a Christian, I mean, no offence but "most" Christians (upon reading what you've said) would say you "aren't a REAL Christian" since you don't really do ANYTHING that this religion requires of you. And that is FINE to me, I just don't get why you'd still keep this label for yourself.

I care ESPECIALLY what people believe when it affects ME, which it does in a serious way. When 80% of the population of the most POWERFUL nation in the WORLD believe in nonsense... and USE their religion to make DECISIONS that affect EVERYONE... then I can't just shut up and let them "have their faith". Their "faith" is in control of the greatest military force in the world. That really scares me.
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