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DO NOT try to push me away from Christianity, EVER.

The reason I don't plan on reading the Bible, is because what I have read so far has all been contradictions. I don't know why I keep any faith at all. If I knew that, I would probably have a stronger faith.

I have always questioned what I truly am. I don't read the Bible, I almost never go to church. I've never prayed. Yet I still consider myself a Christian, and I don't know why.

The thing is, religion is part of life, and it always is going to be. If there were no such thing as religion, which has been one of the causes for most of the wars in history, do you think there wouldn't be war if religion wasn't established? I highly doubt that there wouldn't be war. Now I'm going to say some things I hate.

I hate when people claim religion is the root of all evil. It is true religion has played a major role in most wars in the past, but I can almost guarantee there would have still been wars if there weren't religion. There would still be land wars, wars for economy or systems of government, and I don't think religion has anything to do with wars based on race. Wars would still happen, whether religion existed or not.

The one thing I hate most are when people push their beliefs on others. I can't stand watching religious people who say anyone who doesn't praise God are all going to hell. It's simply not true and it bothers me that they are probably convincing some people of this. But it works the other way, too. I can't stand when atheists say religious people are all ignorant. I will admit that religious people are quite close-minded, but believing in something does not make a person ignorant. It pisses me off that a persons beliefs are so important. I've never gone up to a person and asked them what their religious beliefs are. I don't see any point to it. It's not going to affect me in any way to know, so I don't see why people care so damn much about what other people believe.
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