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You should calm down and relax.

I agree.

Whats the problem? Confused so you havent kissed a girl and some other ppl have? It doesnt matter.
Dont feel like you need to do something just because others have.

Theres a thing about 'firsts' ...we usually always remember them...the first time we rode a bike without stabilisers, the first time we fall/fell in love, the first time we kiss someone...

Im not sure if youve seen the other threads on this subject?
First Kiss thread 1 or First Kiss thread 2 ooh and First Kiss thread 3 (click them Very Happy )
Theres alot of good advice and also alot people who havent kissed anyone, so you arent alone.
There are also alot of people who regret/wished their first kiss hadnt advice to you? learn from their mistakes... Wink

Very Happy

if your school is like mine your probably pressured to do stuff like make out with girls you barely know or you will get made fun of but i usualy just ignore them or threaten them and they leave me alone
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