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You should calm down and relax.
I agree.

Whats the problem? so you havent kissed a girl and some other ppl have? It doesnt matter.
Dont feel like you need to do something just because others have.

Theres a thing about 'firsts' ...we usually always remember them...the first time we rode a bike without stabilisers, the first time we fall/fell in love, the first time we kiss someone...

Im not sure if youve seen the other threads on this subject?
First Kiss thread 1 or First Kiss thread 2 ooh and First Kiss thread 3 (click them )
Theres alot of good advice and also alot people who havent kissed anyone, so you arent alone.
There are also alot of people who regret/wished their first kiss hadnt advice to you? learn from their mistakes...

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