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i asked him if he decided who he likes...he said he probly wont decide for a LONG time...i told him im tired of waiting n he say well ull just have to wait.
No! no you dont 'just have to wait'!
You cant go out and find someone else, someone that will treat you well and make you feel as special as you are!

I think you should (at least) talk to him at your halloween party if you want to .
However if he doesnt decide then in my opinion, you should move on. And i also think that you should tell him exactly what your intentions are if he doesnt decide.
I still cant help but think that he likes the fact that you like him and thats part of the reason why he wont tell you his decision .
But as ive said before, its up to you what you say to him.

I just think you should stop putting your life on hold just because he doesnt want to make a decision .

"No man is ever worth your tears, and the one who is, will never make you cry"

Goodluck sweetie!

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