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Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
ye knows its coming, eh b'y? id be so pissed if they did. if we have the heavily religious coming on here now, whats next?
What's next? The cavalry's here gentlemen!

Bazooka; seriously. There are soo many things wrong with the whole crucifiction story, not from a HISTORICAL standpoint (though that is a problem too) but from a MORAL one.

Why did God have to send "himself" as a human to have such a brutal death for sins that he COULD forgive INSTANTLY since HE IS GOD! He didn't even have to have hell; if he's god he'd destroy sin RIGHT NOW and save everyone. IF he really is god and DOESN'T want that, then HE IS EVIL for sending people to hell that he could easily save.

Many people that DO believe in this god should have some SERIOUS questions and PROBLEMS with "him". Ask god to answer your prayer next time and explain to you WHY he sends people to hell for ETERNITY for FINITE crimes or for simply NOT believing in him. Here is a video FROM ME explaining my views on this:

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