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I think everybody goes through a stage of thinking you are gay or bi or whatever. If they say they don't then their probably lying.

I wouldn't say I am gay or bi but I for some reason I kind of liked this guy in a non-sexual way. I think maybe it's because of his masculinity that he's gone out with load of girls and he's just seen as a role model.

I don't know. I think whatever you 'think' and are 'happy' with you are is what you are. If you think you are gay, straight or bi and you are happy with that then be that.

It's a really confusing world. Nobody can ever say 100% who they really are.

I'm convinced I'm not gay or bi but other people may think I'm not. It doesn't bother me anymore what people think. It's what I think that matters.

It's true you can always put an excuse on things but no use lying that your someone your not.

In life you\'ll often find that no answer can be 100% and that sometimes nobody can ever give you an answer that you find acceptable.
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