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Originally Posted by kolte
Originally Posted by kolte
I don't believe in god. I don't believe in any kind of religious philosophy or anything similer. It maks me angry to even think about the horrors of religion. I think we should all burn our bibles.

I did hear an interesting idology from a friend of mine though. He said, that this is what he got from the bible:

In the beginning god created a perfect world. And there was no sin or hate or any of that. But there was an uprising in heaven and Lucifer, God's most prized angel, was cast out of Heaven down into the pits of hell ((werever this "hell" is)) along with 2/3 of the angels of heaven. Satan then began to "fuck" with gods perfect world, tainting humankind. This created free will. A good against evil kind of dilema. And this tension between good and evil, between satan and god, will eventually snap, and the war of armageddon will be upon us. Humans simply cought in a power struggle between two heavenly beings. But we are the last army, whos side do we choose?

And the bible is so contradictory and BS becasue god is an absent god. He allows us to live independently and satan taints us. So literally, even the bible is no pure.

Its all bs of course. But interesting sounding. Would make a good book ((HAHAHAHAHAHA))
you couldn't have made an older quote could you?

Originally Posted by MrBazooka View Post
you are wrong, god is not absent, he loves us so much that he sent his only and beloved son(Jesus Christ) to be tortured desecrated and suffer on the cross and thus save us from Satan's power by offer his life in our souls place, and whoever believes shall live and rule with Jesus Christ for all eternity in heaven

maybe you ought to read whatever you are criticizing be for making a judgment of it
read what? a book thousands of years old that may not be at all the same as what it was at the beginning? just like we said earlier not to push athiestic views on us, don't push christianity so much. we have no proof that there is a god. we have no proof that there was a jesus christ. and right now you sound like your trying to convert us.

Originally Posted by MrBazooka
and whoever believes shall live and rule with Jesus Christ for all eternity in heaven
and if your a heavy christian, who'll end up raising a conservative family, very religious, you've come to the wrong place if your going to preach your views.

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