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Originally Posted by I Live in Fear of Life
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Originally Posted by I Live in Fear of Life
I'm 13, so this is kinda weird comin from me:

Parents are supposed to unconditonally love a child without strings attached. They are supposed to love a child, physically and emotionally.

At 12 I was kicked out. I lived with my sister for about four months.

My mom told me to come back right b4 my 13th bday in July.

Sometimes I live in fear of my dad telling me to leave again. This time, my sis lives here, so I dunno where I'd go.

Parents shouldn't neglect their responsibility
what did you do to get kicked out?
well im not too surprised that you did get kicked out.

My dad was being a dick, and I told him to fuck off and die. Then, he came across the room, acted like he was gonna slug me, then I swung my fist at him.....

From there, he told me to get the fuck out.

By the way, I live in America. I don't blame my mom, there was no way she could leave him.....she still hasnt

But shes going to, soon =)
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