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I definitely think the meida (television, videos and more including games) influence one's thinking.l

I am not saying that everybody who plays Hitman will want to become a Hitman. It does depend on the child's mental status. I am saying however, that constant playing of violent games may construct an ideological society in some children, in that their game is the reality.

Sure, let children play violent video games! But, I honestly think that some people hava deterimental (bad, negative) effect to video games.

This may be going off on a tangent but the film Scream has seen many Screm like murders worldwide.

Definitely it may help someone on how to commit a crime if there in the mental state for starters.

I don't know really if video games cause violence for definet. All I will say is, video games can help commit an offence to people who are already in the right mental status.

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