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Originally Posted by slavetosociety
No cyrus.....Our country is not makeing more then it spends. I don't know where you heard that. The bush administration is not makeing more then it spends.
You're a dirty liar and i hate liars

As of the second quarter of 2005, we have:

11.089 trillian dollars. Source-Bureau of Economic Analysis


7.987 trillian dollars. Source-Bureau of Public Debt

My calcuations:

3.102 trillian dollars left for spending.

oh and by the way your figures for how much money debt is per individual are bloated beacuse you combined public debt with intragovernmental holdings. PUBLIC DEBT happens to be 4.616 trillian, which when divided by our population comes out to around 15 grand per person (a lot smaller than the 27 grand you claimed earlier).

Oh and my debt figures are slightly smaller than yours because they are from the 14th of October, the most recent time they have been officially calculated. Your numbers are innacurate because you got it from some shitty unofficial website that uses javascript to calculate the current debt with math formulas.
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