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Originally Posted by Z /\ ( |-|
I do not think that bush is a good person because he had no reason for attacking Iraq, a democrocy.
a democracy? haha! saddam hussain did not run a democracy. he ran a dictatorship. killing thousands of innocent people is not part of a democracy. stop telling other people to get their facts straight when you dont know your own.
Ok, you must not get something. He is not narrow minded. All he is doing is supporting his argument.

Now what you could have done instead of bashing him and calling kolte narrow minded is you could have made a list of what bush has done good.
But you didn't. You just resort to namecalling.
That is narrowmindedness.
for the last time, i was calling him narrow minded because all he ever talks about is what bush did wrong. i really don't think he's knows any of the many things bush has done right. and you want a list? here ya fuck'n go:
Its his god given right to bitch about bush all he wants, fool.
Oh, next time, why don't you do some research of your own instead of just copying and pasteing CYRUS' ORIGINAL POST.
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