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Originally Posted by BornActor View Post
I think this is valuable information for people struggling with the whole hell thing and if god is truly going to send u to hell. Not trying to be rude. Well at they did say that god said that homosexuality is a sin. However it is not either of the 2 unforgivable sins which are blasphemy against the holy spirit and rejecting jesus christ.
So it will be forgiven if you accept god and arent blasphemous against him.
So I hope this helps any one who is scared or worried about an after

Actually there is only one unforgivable sin, which is insulting the Holy Spirit.
Rejecting the Lored is not an unforgivable sin. We just have to pray for them.

Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
well god didnt write the bible, some guy did and im sure you wont go to hell for your sexuality. God wouldnt have made you that way would now?
God did write the Bible....
The Holy Spirit helped the person to write the Scriptures.

Originally Posted by redcar View Post
Ok I am religious to a certain extent. I am a Catholic by the way.

But I believe God made us all in his image and without fault. I believe that we have no control over our sexualities so it was God's will for us to be gay. So therefore why would I be doomed for an eternity in hell by God when it was Him who made me this way?

Thats my view on it anyway.
If God willed it to be so, why would he contradict himself by saying that one man and woman will join and become one?

Anyway, to directly quote the Bible (NIV)
" Do not lie with one man and one lies with a woman, that is detestable"
Leviticus 18:24

But God, being a gracious God, will forgive you in you sincerely pray and confess your sins.

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