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Default Re: I cant take life anymore. I just hate it

Hi um. i know maybe i dont need to be here. but still. i just want to give my 2 cents.
I am and was in your situation my life is absolute shit. without a doubt. i got shit when life was all said and done. But i keep going. Do you ever think of the future? Maybe there will be this girl/guy (w/e u prefer lets pretend its a girl) and they will mean the WORLD to you. you will forget everything that ever was wrong. but you will have to face the bitching cold world again. but with her at your side, you wont feel so alone. And i know you wanna kill yourself. and hell, ive even tried, but it wasnt worth it. One of my best friends caught me. She was so disappointed in me. that was the WORST day of my life. Please dont kill yourself. i know that you think that there will never be a girl who will love you. but there will. THere honestly will. and she will get you. I swear. I mean this hasnt happened to me yet, but it happened to my friend Emily. The one who stopped me from killing myself. i want that to happen to me. i want that someone in my life. but i dont know when. and i dont know how. but please. keep on going.
PM me. please.

.-.x.WhereIsYourGodNow?NowThatHeHasLeftYouAloneInThisHellISay,WhereIsYourGodNow?.x .-.
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