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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

well unsure, but probably bi,

i was at school on friday, and my friend asked to hang out after school, so i said sure, so he came over and we were playing vid games, and he said, can we just watch TV, so i said sure, (we had been joking around in class that day) so he kinda nudged my foot with his, so i nudged back, and he put his hand on my thigh, and rubbed it a little, then he retreated his arm so i started t rub his leg, so then after about 3-4 minutes, he moved his hand over to the center of my jeans, then felt for my penis, and he found that i had a boner, so it seemed like he relaxed a bit, so he rubbed that spot on my jeans, then he retreated and let me try, i avoided the center of his pants, because while i would have loved it, i didn't know how far he was willing to go, so i just kept to his thigh.

we then decided to go rent a movie, so we climbed in the back of the car, it was dark by then, so he nudged me, and i nudged back, we did this for about a minute, then i rubbed his leg, then he rubbed my leg, and then my pants area where my penis was. so i continued to rub his leg, then he grabbed my hand, and moved it towards the center of his jeans, and i tried to find "it" but i couldn't find it, then he moved my hand onto it, so i held it, then we had to go inside, so on the way home the same happened, then we got home, we started to watch TV again, then he nudged me again, so then i grabbed his leg and stuff, then he moved his hand to my waist, i le him, and he put his hand in my jeans on my boxers, then he pulled out about 30 seconds later, then i put my hand into his pants on his boxers, then he reached back into my jeans, onto my boxers, then i reached, and felt his stomach and his chest, then he reached his hand past my boxers and onto my penis, and then i did the same, and he would like move his hand around and rub it, and i would too,

and that was my first sexual encounter and how i found out i am most likely bisexual
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